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Behavioral Health Resource Center

DCDHS Vision: Empowered people thriving in safe, just, and caring communities.

The Behavioral Health Resource Center (BHRC) is a voluntary person and family centered service designed to help all Dane County residents access behavioral health services in Dane County, regardless of insurance status, financial status, age, identity, ability or legal status. The BHRC assists Dane County residents from all ages, backgrounds and walks of life. BHRC services are consumer led and consumer driven, meaning that the individual and family is the expert regarding their needs.

BHRC staff are available to help connect you to resources for your mental health and/or substance use needs.

If you, someone you care about, or someone you are working with needs help finding mental health and/or substance use services in Dane County, please share our website and contact the BHRC.

Call the BHRC at (608) 267-2244 

Email the BHRC at

Behavioral Health Resources

BHRC staff are continuously compiling information to help you find mental health and/or substance use resources in Dane County. To find resources in our community, please click the link below. The pages and information will be updated regularly.   

Resource information
Request a Consultation

Dane County residents can reach out to the BHRC for assistance by phone and email.  Please click on the 'Request Consultation' link below for additional information about contacting us.

Request Consultation
Crisis and Support Resources

If you are a Dane County resident who is experiencing a mental health and/or substance use crisis, please contact the Journey Mental Health Crisis Line at 608-280-2600. Additional crisis resources can be found by clicking the link below. 

Crisis Resources