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Behavioral Health Resource Center

About the BHRC

The Behavioral Health Resource Center (BHRC) is designed to be a community resource for anyone seeking assistance with accessing behavioral health services in Dane County.

Our mission is to connect people with the behavioral health care they need, address barriers to accessing care, and to serve people across their lifespans while respecting native languages and cultures. The BHRC's goal is to optimize care coordination, create efficient pathways between care providers with warm handoffs across symptoms, and to promote a no wrong door approach to behavioral healthcare.

Principles and Values

  • Utilize an equity lens to form a holistic, person-centered approach
  • Maximize capacity across the system
  • Formalize partnerships across the behavioral health system
  • Respect confidentiality standards
  • Optimize care coordination between symptoms and entities
  • Maximize services that exist
  • Promote trust and cooperation
  • Formalize a workflow that is both clear and amenable to change
Options for Assistance

Initial and Follow Up Consultation:

  • Email for information & resources
  • Phone call consultation
    • Language line & interpretation services available
  • Remote Zoom consultation

Online Resources

  • We will provide links to both local and national support resources

Behavioral Health Resource Center Contact Information

Hours:  7am-7pm, Monday through Friday

Phone: (608) 267-2244


Mailing Address:
Due to Covid-19, our building is closed to the public
Behavioral Health Resource Center
818 West Badger Road Suite 102
Madison, Wisconsin 53713