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Behavioral Health Resource Center

About the BHRC

The Behavioral Health Resource Center (BHRC) is a free community resource for Dane County residents who would like assistance with accessing behavioral health services in Dane County.

Call the BHRC at (608) 267-2244 

Email the BHRC at

Hours of Operation: 7:45am-4:30pm


BHRC Goals

  • To improve timely access to mental health and/or substance use care;
  • To improve care coordination and pathways between care providers through warm handoffs across systems;
  • To provide information, referral, supportive services, care navigation, and follow-up to those waiting to access other services, and;
  • To  promote a no wrong door approach to mental health and substance use services.

Principles and Values

  • Honor and respect the consumer's voice and choice as they seek services
  • Utilize an equity lens to form a holistic, person-centered approach that reduces mental health and substance use service disparities
  • Maximize capacity across systems and maximize services that already exist
  • Formalize collaborative partnerships across the mental health/substance use/behavioral health systems
  • Respect confidentiality standards
  • Optimize care coordination between systems and entities
  • Promote understanding, cooperation, and trust
  • Formalize a workflow that are both clear and adaptable
Options for Assistance

Initial and Follow Up Consultation:

  • Email for information & resources
  • Phone call consultation
    • Language line & interpretation services available
  • Remote Zoom consultation

Behavioral Health Resource Center Contact Information

Phone: (608) 267-2244


Mailing Address:
Behavioral Health Resource Center
818 West Badger Road Suite 102
Madison, Wisconsin 53713